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As healing is a process rather than an event, follow through is essential for successful Chiropractic treatment. Your initial Chiropractic consultation is a comprehensive exam including evaluation of posture, muscle function, spinal alignment, flexibility and mobility; an assessment of nerve interference and accumulated stress; and an observation of any abnormal reflex patterns.

Your first visit will include any adjustments and therapeutic modalities as appropriate. Follow up appointments will support the foundation of the initial exam findings through corrective adjustments of the vertebrae as well as other supportive therapies.

Chiropractic Physicians are trained in a variety of hands on therapies such as injury-specific muscle work, reflex techniques and physical therapy modalities.

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"At least you know that if you've been adjusted, that everything is firing the way it is supposed to be firing, that you are going to have the best chance for success. It helps you feel better and you feel like now that everything's in line you have a different confidence. You know that everything is the way that is tis supposed to be and that you can go out and perform to your top ability."

(Professional Baseball Player)