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MigraSpray is a patented over the counter homeopathic medicine intended to be a comprehensive approach for the treatment and prevention of migraine headaches (MigraSpray can also be effective for treating the pain and symptoms associated with menstrual cycles as well as tension headaches and hangovers). Use it for the rapid treatment of a migraine attack or use it daily to dramatically reduce or eliminate the onset of migraine headache symptoms.

For Treatment of Migraine Attack:

The efficacy of MigraSpray in treating acute migraine attack was clearly demonstrated in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind crossover trial for migraine headache relief drawn from a general population. APPROXIMATELY 88% OF THE PATIENTS STUDIED RECEIVED RELIEF IN AN AVERAGE OF LESS THAN 7 MINUTES.

For Prevention:

MigraSpray was shown to be highly effective in preventing migraine in a study of patients suffering from frequent migraines conducted by Dr. Fred Pescatore, Director of the Centers for Integrative and Complimentary Medicine in New York City and Dallas. The participants in the study used MigraSpray each day and APPROXIMATELY 90% HAD THEIR MIGRAINE ATTACKS ELIMINATED AS LONG AS THEY CONTINUED WITH REGULAR DAILY USAGE.

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"Some if it may seem hokey to some people, but if you traveled where I've traveled, done what I've done and seen the results that I've been getting, then you understand where I'm coming from. Playing in a football game is like being in 30-40 car accidents. You can find yourself in awkward positions. That stuff takes its toll. But if you take advantage of health care, balance your body back out, put it back where its supposed to be, you function better, and you recover faster."

(Professional Football Player)