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BioPosture™ offers the highest quality, American-made, affordable, environmentally-friendly, memory foam mattresses and pillows, through referrals by Doctors of Chiropractic to their Patients. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and materials, sensitivity to a sustainable environment, and dedication to extraordinary customer service, has helped us become one of the fastest growing, most admired marketers of technically superior eco-friendly BioMemoryFoam™ sleep products.  BioPosture™ is the only company to build mattresses on demand for patients of Doctors of Chiropractic!  Thus, each can be manufactured to meet the needs of the patient. We bring to Chiropractic Patients proprietary sleep products developed over 25 years at our “comprehensive green” manufacturing facility in southern California. All of our products are developed and designed by medical professionals for exclusive distribution through doctors of chiropractic and other related healthcare professionals.

The Best of Everything

With BioPosture™ you can always be confident that you are getting:

  • Products developed by and recommended by professionals who understand the importance of proper sleep and its related heath benefits.
  • The first comprehensive Green Memory Foam sleep system made in the USA
  • A Patented 7-Zone Neutral Posture System – designed to provide correct ergonomic support and optimum spinal alignment
  • The most advanced foam architecture – insuring cool and comfortable sleep
  • Immediate total body conformity and rapid recovery
  • The most environmentally-friendly manufacturing and shipping methods
  • Memory foam that uses 100% natural plant based substitutes
  • Free shipping
  • A 30-“Good Nights’ Sleep” In Home Trial
  • A mattress manufactured when you order – and delivered immediately…there is no warehousing of stock
  • Value…priced below leading competitive brands
  • A 20-year limited warranty
  • The best in comfort and technology for a great price

Superior Sleep Products

The Best Memory Foam Sleep System

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our BioPosture™ BioMemoryFoam™ sleep system. To prove it, we offer a 30-“Good Nights’ Sleep” in-home trial and a 20-Year Warranty that is among the strongest in the industry. Plus, we offer Free Shipping.  We manufacture your mattress when you order it, so it will never sit in a warehouse exposed to the elements.  It’s fresh from the factory – only days old – when you receive it!

Three Great Ways to Shop

Speak with Dr. Bishop for his recommendation of the BioPosture™ BioMemoryFoam™ model that best suits your needs.  Dr. Bishop can facilitate your order, you can order online or you can call 1 877 BIO 1510 and speak to one of our expert Sleep Health Specialists who will be delighted to answer your questions and guide you to the perfect bed for optimal spinal alignment, comfort and a great night’s sleep.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Our award-winning Customer Service department answers questions before, during and after your purchase. As with our Sleep Health Specialists, our Customer Service representatives are fully trained to answer all your questions.

BioPosture.com offers you advantages and benefits you can't find anywhere else.  You choose your mattress through a discussion with Dr. Bishop.  There is not better recommendation than that. BioPosture.com is also a very good place to get additional information and to buy your new mattress. We will give you the BioPosture™ BioMemoryFoam™ mattresses and pillows that are best suited for your life style.  Nothing is more important to your mental and physical health than a great night’s sleep – and, BioPosture.com brings you the perfect way to find the perfect sleep system.

The Bottom Line

We understand you have options when it comes to shopping for a memory foam mattress and pillows. However, only BioPosture.com can provide you with anatomically-correct and environmentally-friendly world class products, developed by medical professionals, made in the USA and manufactured just for you.

Compare for yourself and discover why more and more people are choosing BioPosture™.

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"I know when I'm off alignment. I know when my body is out of adjustment. If your body is there, then mentally, you'll be there. If your body feels good, then your mind feels good and your are going to feel better about your game."

(Professional Baseball Player)